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adoptee book reviewsFeedback is very important to me so I appreciate the reviews that I’m receiving through my form on my review page! I wanted to share a few with you. (Thank you to these reviewers)

Gary Richter wrote:
This book is an honest, well written, an inspirational journey through the life of someone who experienced more than her fair share of ups and downs. This is an enjoyable and very fast read. Liz gives a great perspective of an adoptee and how it has affected her life in a positive way. Liz also does a great job of making her many life experiences very interesting making the reader looking forward to the “next chapter”. Looking forward to reading her next book. This one comes highly recommended.
Tracy Coven wrote:
I loved it !!!! I love to read books but always read fiction. I always thought non fiction would be boring but definitely not the case . This was very interesting from start to finish . I read it in two sittings. I feel like your my best friend since I know so much about you! ha ha don’t be scared 🙂 I found it so inspiring with what you did as we’ll !! great job I’ll be sharing this book !!!
COL Sid Lead (USA-Ret.) wrote:
A truly amazing story of a young woman’s journey through trial and conflict, hope and reconciliation.  Also, an interesting and provocative account of soldier life in Bosnia during the last of the twentieth century.

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  1. I started reading it late at night, and started getting sleepy, so I got up to go to sleep. And even though I knew how the story ended because Bella and my daughter are best friends, I HAD to finish it; I stayed up til 2am to finish. A perfect combination of sometimes funny and sometimes heart wrenching stories of what led Liz here. . I am glad Sara gave you up. I’m glad you kept Bella. And I’m glad you were crazy in love to come to Melbourne.
    I couldn’t imagine not having you two in our lives.
    Great story by Story( love that)

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